Tested beard trimmer and beard trimmer

2018, we have found for you the beard trimmer test winner

Brand new: Big Beard Trimmer test and much more. extensive 2018 ✓ ✓ Test winners detail trimmer Test ✓ ✓ Braun Philips ✓ ✓ BaByliss product testing ...

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Depending on Bart, a razor at the start

Depending on how you want to wear their beards, we recommend a shaver or beard trimmer suits you. For smooth skin, for example, a wet or dry shaver is just the thing. Wear a stylish beard like the picture, then you need the one or other special device. We hope you enjoy reading our reviews and tests. If a device or an accessory want tested, please contact us without any obligation and we will try to do them this favor.

The winners are ....

This year we have tested all bestsellers for you. They were cheap and expensive beard trimmer while. At the end we were able to filter out a clear winner in our test Beard Trimmer 2015 and declare the winner.

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Philips, a madness device

An innovation that could convince anyone Bart -> Congratulations. With its laser technology, the Philips is BT9290 / 32 is a real precision trimmer. Convinced us its laser technology. A red laser beam is projected onto the beard that you can see exactly where you cut - so you also can cut his beard with care.

Although man needs a bit Übungung around the beard trimmer to use, but already in the first application you have it out how

using the laser, the perfect contour is cut into his beard.


The exact cutting line trimmer is projected through a red line laser to the desired location. This is really cool because you so always sees where the cut is going. In addition, can the

Turn shaving head 180 degrees, front 32mm and rear 15mm wide so also fine trimming is possible. This professional device, convinced by its appearance and its high-quality workmanship. The Philips is very comfortable to hold and provides for only € 80, a new shaving experience. It is quiet, smooth running and can be operated with one hand.

This beard trimmer beard can be accurate to the millimeter cut, so that the contours get there right where they belong.

The Philips Precision Bart Tyler, has 17 different precision cut lengths that can adjust themselves while shaving with his thumb. See more in the video. The 17 adjustable cutting lengths of ultimate precision 0.4 to 2mm in length may 0.2mm steps, be altered to 5 mm in 0.5 mm steps and to 7 mm in 1 mm increments with the Zoom Wheel - 0mm are not set. For Baby Smooth skin, there are other products we tested.

Load with only one hour 60 minutes can wirelessly cut. Three bars show what is currently stored for energy. Cutting system self-sharpening, maintenance and lubrication-free, and 100% washable.